Reliving my “Ah-ha moment”


Reliving my " Ah-ha moment"

Recently, I was asked to be the interviewed for an article on New York Life's Seattle General Office website and in doing so shared a story about the moment, when everything related to my career finally began to make sense. In the article which I have linked to here, I shared the importance of "paying yourself first" as a way of avoiding financial uncertainty, a philosophy which I still subscribe to today over 25 years later.

As a Financial Advisor with Eagle Strategies and Agent with New York Life I make it my responsibility to help others secure their own financial freedom through a series of conversations in which together we create a goal and then put a plan together to help you reach that goal. While there are no secrets when it comes to financially preparing for your retirement there is some hard work involved; fortunately, you don't have to do it alone.

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